Rascals Furry Spider Cat Toy

Rascals® 6.5" Furry Spider Cat Toy

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Made of a variety of materials. Play, interact and exercise. Quality Guaranteed.


Ideal for everyday use. Pet must be supervised while playing with toys. If toy becomes damaged, discard immediately.

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Product Description

Our Rascals 6.5" Furry Spider Cat Toy provides hours of fun and exercise. The spider is attached to a stretch cord that allows the spider to bounce around and entice your cat to play and catch. Felines will enjoy hours of play.


crazy cat toy
My cat is crazy about this spider. I call it Spidey and soon as I say it my cat gets all excited, big eyes, frantic meowing and following me around until I get it out of the cupboard and she will play with it for hours or until my arm tires out. Time to order a new one, this poor thing has no eyes, and is down to seven legs after several years of cat attacks!

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