Turbo Scratcher Replacement Pads

Turbo Scratcher® Replacement Pads

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Our Turbo Scratcher Replacement Pads are to be used with the Turbo Scratcher or Star Chaser. Convenient 2 pack....Read More


Gives your cats a fresh new surface for more hours of fun.


For cats to scratch without tearing up your furniture.

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Product Description

Our Turbo Scratcher Replacement Pads fit both the Turbo Scratcher and the Star Chaser to keep the fun going after the first one needs to be replaced. Convenient 2 pack. Gives cats a fresh surface for more hours of fun.


Replacement pad customer service response
Called the company this morning about the problem with the replacement pad. Spoke with Debbie and she was very gracious and promptly offered to replace the pad - and that was without hesitation. My cats truly love this toy and I look forward to the new pad working. Kudos to them for good customer service and that was probably just a bad pad that slipped through quality control.
Replacement pads
Polly Scott
We bought a new replacement pad for our kitties turbo scratcher and they destroyed it 2 1/2 hours. I sent an email and received a reply the next day Debbie told me she was sending out two pack and Monday I received the package. Best customer service ever and my kitties love their turbo scratcher.

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turbo scratcher pads
shirley mcnally
We have 2 cats and 3 turbo scratchers. These two cats keep leaving little cardboard pieces all over the house from scratching with their claws. They absolutely love them, and when they are not scratching them to pieces, they both love to just lay on them. Just wish they would last longer!!!
Turbo Scratcher Replacement Pads
I don't feel bad now that I see others having issues with the replacement pads. Our cats love the toy also. A few months ago we bought some replacement pads from Walmart. We haven't had any major issues prior to the recent ones we bought. Our little beasts have been destroying anything we put in the toy. They have torn out the centers of the pads, leaving a messy cardboard donut. I tried another set and the exact same outcome. They love it, and take off running thru the house with the center in their mouth and approx. 6' trail of cardboard dragging behind them. They created a new game as the other cats all chase after the cardboard tail. Were contemplating buying a couple more of the turbo scratchers, so they all could get to scratch for a while longer. I don't want to spend more money if they will continue to fall apart way sooner that we were used to with previous ones. Please advise us on what we can do. Thanks.

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