Turbo Replacement Twinkle Ball

Turbo® Replacement Twinkle Ball™

SKU # 70135 ASTCAT
The Replacement Twinkle Ball has a motion-activated light. Can be used with any Turbo Scratcher interactive cat toy....Read More


Motion activated light.


For use with any Turbo interactive cat toy, including the Turbo Scratcher, Star Chaser, Mega Turbo, Hurricane and Cyclone.

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Product Description

The Replacement Twinkle Ball has a motion-activated light to be used with the Turbo Scratcher, Star Chaser, Mega Turbo, Hurricane or Cyclone for hours of light up fun.


twinkle ball
patty barrett
my cats love this toy but lose interest when ball stops lighting up can't find a replacement light up ball that fits. my only complaint
is i bought a second star chaser and the ball only lite up for a month, should have replacement balls available or balls that you can replace the battery.
twinkle ball
Krissy McCartney
Pet Supplies Plus No longer carries them. They Discontinued them. They only had 4 balls at Christmas time, that was the last and only time they had any . I bought 2 of them but gave one away. Why can't we order them through you. would be easier that driving all over the place only to find out they don't have them . I have 3 turbo scratchers 2 which have the twinkle balls in them , they are over a year old and still light up. My kids Love them !!! Excellent for all ages !!I have 34 cats ages range from 17 years to 6 months all strays and rescues .So when I find a toy that they enjoy I truly let people know !!

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Twinkle Ball
Joy Wolfe
Yep!! Our cats LOVE the ball, but I can't find any...even at places where they sell the turbo scratcher. Actually, mine didn't necessarily stop lighting up...the cats got crazy and knocked the ball out of the scratcher.. I can't find it!! :( Can't we order from you directly?

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